Apartment movement comes with its own moving stresses. It can take time (and money) if you have a lot of items to move, especially if you are moving to an apartment on a level other than the ground floor. Learn the basics of apartment moving and how to save yourself some time and money.

Declutter and Donate 

Are you planning on moving into a smaller apartment or an apartment that requires you to take the elevator? You may consider reducing the number of items you have to reduce the number of trips and space you need. If you have items lying around that you won’t use, consider donating them to a local thrift shop or have a garage sale. Decluttering your home from these items will also give you the extra cash you can use for other aspects (such as hiring a professional mover to help you pack your remaining items). Master Movers can assist you with the donation process, or with an auctioneer to help you get back a penny or two and to get the points you need towards BEE. 

Prepare a Moving Day Bag 

An overnight bag can help you find essentials you need that are packed away. It should be similar to items you will pack for a trip away for a few days. These items should be kept on you at all times so that you can easily access them when you get to your new place. Items you should pack in your overnight bag are a change of clothes, blankets, important documents, medications, and a medical aid kit just in case,

Take Inventory

Organisation is key to apartment moving. Try using markers to colour-code your boxes, labelling, and the most important factor- a moving checklist. Writing down an inventory of your belongings can be useful to reduce some stress on you when you unpack and need to know which boxes to tackle first. 

Adding Master Movers to your first apartment checklist comes with many benefits such as a moving truck and expert movers to help you to do the heavy lifting and hauling. Stairs and lifts are no issue for us – we pack breakable items with bubble wrap and packing tape, and ensure that your belongings arrive safely to your new apartment. 

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