Moving during winter can bring on some challenges, especially with bad weather conditions. Thankfully the weather in Durban and Johannesburg is usually a delight in winter for movers, but Cape Town can see heavy rain. Regardless of where you need to move to, here are some tips to help you if you are moving during winter

Confirm Details With Your Movers

The winter months can bring on some heavy rain or snow depending on the area you are in. Movers need to arrange protective packaging for their belongings and ensure the weather is safe for their moving truck drivers. You, therefore, need to confirm details of your winter move with your movers ahead of time so they can check the weather forecast and prepare for bad weather conditions.

Have a Backup Plan

Sometimes weather conditions such as rain storms or heavy hail may make moving impossible. It can be frustrating to have your move cancelled so it’s best to be safe than sorry. Movers will always put your safety and theirs first. If your movers think it’s best to move your moving day, listen to the experts and speak to them about moving your date. Talk to Master Movers if you need to reschedule to move – we’ll happily arrange another date for your move. 

Have a backup plan in case delays happen. Perhaps you can arrange for your workers to temporarily work from home if you were planning a corporate move. If you are moving to a new home, pack an overnight bag with items you can easily access until movers get to move the rest of your items. Master Movers offer a free priority box on the day of your move where you can put whatever you need to quickly access. The priority box is offloaded 1st by our professionals when you settle into your new home.

If you are moving to South Africa in winter, remember to plan for load shedding. Keeping warm clothing on standby and budget for increased moving costs (especially if movers will have to take the stairs!).

Start Packing Well in Advance

You can make your winter move easier for your family, staff, and moving company if you pack well in advance. Packing in advance will prevent delays and ensure nobody stays out in the cold weather for too long. Keep winter essentials in your overnight bag or where you can easily access them. These can include blankets, warm clothing or changes of clothes, bathroom items, and clothing for pets. 

The Master Movers team can make moving in winter easier for you, your family, or your staff. If you’re moving during winter, give us a call for help, today!