Ready to move but forgot to hire a mover? A long-distance move without a moving company can be quite pricey. There are tons you have to take care of on your own, such as arranging transportation for your belongings. If you are moving without a moving company, you are going to need this guide. Here are some tips to help you to save money. 

Make a Plan as Soon As You Know You’re Moving 

Long-distance moves without a mover can be stressful. Movers coordinate each move and handle the storage, packing supplies, and related expenses under one moving package. You need to make a moving checklist of all the tasks you are going to need to take care of so that you won’t forget anything. If you aren’t using a mover, you should go through these items separately, make sure the necessary arrangements are made well in advance, and update your list regularly. Items on your checklist can include:

  • Your moving expenses (and unexpected expenses)
  • Taking time off work
  • Enrolling your kids in a new school, if applicable
  • Renting storage for your belongings
  • Buying packing tape, packing supplies, large boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, etc.

Take Some Time To Majorly Down Size 

One of the biggest expenses involved with moving on your own is transportation for your belongings. If you have a lot of items, it is going to cost you even more as you require several trips, extra fuel, and more people to help you out. Let’s not forget the costs involved to pack all of these items. Downsizing and getting rid of unnecessary items will reduce these costs and your moving time. You can do this by arranging a garage sale to get rid of any unwanted items, donating to goodwill or thrift stores, or selling your items online. Master Movers is a moving company that works with trusted auctioneers and donates to charities on your behalf – why not put the load on us?

Move During The Off-Season

It is both cheaper and quieter to move during the off-season (winter months, mid-month 6th to 24th, including weekends). Due to the reduced number of movers, moving companies can offer you more flexible schedules during the off-seasons. If you are not using a moving company, you can still gain some benefits of moving during this time of year, such as reduced traffic and good estate pricing. Moving during the school holidays can also make it fun for the kids, like the good old school days!

Although these tips will help you out with your long-distance move, you may encounter unpredictable issues such as bad weather and disruptive road conditions during the off-season. Without a moving company, you will also have to rely on friends and family to help you out with the heavy lifting – putting your loved ones at risk for injury (and chiropracter bills on you!). Add this to the pressure that arises due to Covid-19and you have a recipe for disaster. Moving during this time can put your loved ones at risk, as well cause discomfort as they have to use their face masks while heavy lifting furniture.

Avoid all of the issues that come with moving by hiring a moving company. Moving companies, like Master Movers, have the experience, trucks, and professional labour to avoid any moving issues that can arise. Reduce the time and cost of a long-distance move by hiring a moving company like Master Movers, who can take care of everything from packing, moving, and storage of your belongings.

To avoid the stresses that come with using a long-distance move without a moving company – contact Master Movers today!