Moving is stressful at the best of times, but moving over Christmas can be particularly exhausting. Here are a few pointers to help you relax during the process.

Consider Unexpected Moving Expenses

The holiday season is busy and unpredictable. You need to budget for unexpected expenses during your move. You could experience traffic on the way to your new home or experience bad weather conditions, and may need to stop at a restaurant or a hotel. You should have extra cash on standby to pay for a place to stay for the night and meals, just in case. 

Moving day can be exhausting for parents – you may be too exhausted to cook, clean or unpack your kitchen utilities by dinner time. You need to budget to buy or order meals until you are able to unpack and get settled into your kitchen.


You and your family can still enjoy Christmas even if you haven’t unpacked yet. To prepare your new home for Christmas, keep your Christmas decorations and other festive decors in easy-accessible boxes. You could label boxes “Christmas-in-a-box” to easily locate them.

Plan Your Calendar Early

Moving in December makes a particularly busy time even busier. Plan your calendar well in advance and block off any unimportant events (such as social events) so that you have sufficient time to arrange your move and start packing. 

Don’t let the stress of moving hamper your Christmas spirit. Hire a moving company to reduce the stress of moving day. Master Movers have a professional team of movers that does everything from packing to transportation. We also have storage facilities to keep your essentials safe while you enjoy the holiday season. We are open throughout the year, except for the holidays, but don’t worry – we’ll get you moved to your new home in time for the Christmas festivities. 

If you’re moving over Christmas, call us for a free moving quote!