Selecting the right packaging for moving wine bottles will keep them safe during your move. Here are some tips for packing wine bottles.

How To Pack Wine Bottles

You need to take extra care when packing wine bottles but you also need the right packing boxes and supplies. Ensure you invest in double walled boxes (not recycled boxes), packaging paper or wrapping, bubble wrap, and padding. If you have a lot of wine bottles, you might need wine shipping containers. 

Pack white and red wine on its side so the cork stays wet and then package accordingly for safe travel. Make sure each bottle is unopened as an opened bottle can shake and spill with the vibration of the moving truck.

Securing The Bottom of The Box

Take extra care when moving wine boxes and use packing tape to make them secure. Ensure your box will hold the weight of your bottle. If it cannot, you might need plastic boxes or larger boxes. Consult movers to help you with appropriate boxes for wine.

Wrap Each Bottle

Wrap each bottle with tissue paper or bubble wrap to protect it during your move. Place your paper down and wrap each bottle and then secure it tightly with packing tape. If you need packaging material or if you aren’t sure how to properly wrap your wine bottles, let it to the professionals. A professional mover can help you to avoid damage and spillage of your expensive wines during transit.

If you are packing wine bottles and need help, Master Movers is here for you! We will provide wine bags and boxes to secure your wine collection and safely transport them to your new destination.

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