Packing shoes when moving can be time-consuming. Here are some tips for packing your shoes quickly and to help you protect your shoe during the move.

Get Rid of The Ones You Don’t Wear

You have a lot of shoes but how many do you wear? People love collecting shoes but sometimes it takes up space in the closet. Consider donating old shoes you are not using to charity or if they are too old, recycle them properly and throw them out. If you just cannot get rid of your shoes, consider maybe putting them in storage to save you some space.

Stuff Each Shoe With a Pair of Socks

Maintain your shoe shape during transit by stuffing a pair of socks in each pair of shoes. If you have longer heels like high boots, you may want to consider adding an extra sock. Your shoe will retain its shape and your socks will be packed too. You can also stuff your shoes with plastic wrap and any other clean packing paper

Tie Sneakers Together By The Laces

If you have sneakers or any other shoe with laces, tie them together with their laces to keep them intact. Tying them together will help you to find them when you need them and make unpacking easier. 

Packing shoes isn’t fun but professional movers can make the job much easier and quicker. If you need to pack your shoes, or don’t know the size of the moving box to use, you can ask professional movers who will take care of everything for you. Whether you have high heels or heavier shoes, the Master Movers team will expertly pack and transport your shoes on moving day.

For more tips for packing your shoes, contact our professional team today!