Settling into a new place and need a storage place? Consider using storage modules instead of a garage. You can make use of commercial moving services that offer a warehouse or self-storage facilities. Choosing a location for storage will depend on your goal, time, or office move budget. Read more below: Master Movers has storage modules you pay for the space you use only when storing items. Why not move around your summer and winter items and have a change of scenery right at home?

Why opt for a self-storage unit?

A self-storage unit has many benefits, such as:

    • A self-storage unit has more security than a garage, offering you peace of mind when storing expensive or personal items that are important to you.
    • Although you will be paying monthly fees, a self-storage unit will protect your items that will be more expensive to replace should they become damaged in a garage. 
    • A self-storage unit has good accessibility when it comes to products you need. You can easily drop off and pick up items you need without the hassle of arranging or rearranging clutter. 
    • Storage facilities are safe from harsh weather conditions, adding further protection for your items.
    • Storage facilities are far more spacious than garages.

Indoor and outdoor type of self-storage units

Both indoor and outdoor units have multiple units. Indoor units are situated in buildings and halls, while outdoor buildings open up from the outside. Outdoor storage units are best if you want the ability to drive up to the door of your unit and save time and money on offloading several loads a day. Indoor stage units are best if you are worried about outside elements, as it offers a layer of protection. 

Storage units are your best bet when it comes to storing your goods as it is safer and often climate-controlled. Garages often have rodents and are not damp-proof. Master Movers has secure units and is only opened upon your request. It is very ideal for a long-term storage solution. With Master Movers storage units, your items will be stored safely and securely and you can access them as and when you need to. Contact us today!