An internal office move occurs when a business or corporate relocates to new office space within or near its existing space. Internal office moves include moving to a new building, new floor, office expansion, or cross-building relocation. Many companies underestimate the amount of labour and time involved when moving their office. Whether you are moving across town or to the building on the next floor, you are going to need assistance to lift heavy equipment and all your important documents. Here are some tips to make your internal office move a little easier.

How to Plan An Office Move 

Internal office moves are tougher than most businesses expect. It takes time to pack and move office equipment, furniture, and other important documents. If you don’t have a plan or help, you are going to be overwhelmed on moving day. 

How to plan your office move: 

  • Make an office move checklist of everything you need.
  • Assign a project manager to coordinate the move.
  • Arrange to move at a time that causes minimal disruption to your business.
  • Hire a moving company to help you with packing and unpacking, storage, and other office relocation needs.
  • Check with your building manager about reserving elevators, and other building requirements or precautions needed if you are moving outside of office hours.

Internal Office Move Checklist 

You are going to need to make a checklist to ensure your internal office move goes according to plan and with minimal disruption to your office. 

A moving checklist should include:

  • Hiring a moving crew to help you move office items
  • Updating your company details to reflect your new address
  • Sorting out your current lease
  • Buying new furniture for your new office if needed
  • Removing and disposing of unwanted items before your move
  • Hiring a cleaning service 

Office Removals

Lifting heavy equipment without help can be dangerous. You not only put employees at risk for injury, but you risk destroying/damaging important documents and office equipment. Your business can also lose a lot of time (and money!). Office removals and relocation should be left to the professionals. Hiring office movers will ensure that your office move goes smoothly and on schedule so that employees can get back to their workstations as soon as possible.

Here at Master Movers, we take care of everything for your office move to your new space. You can rely on our professional team to handle the heavy lifting, packing, storage, and disposing of unwanted items – saving your business time and money during your move.

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