Corporate relocation occurs when a company relocates employees from one branch to another. A corporate relocation company can assist your company with your employee’s relocation needs – saving you time and money. Here is how a professional moving company like Master Movers can help you with corporate relocation.

Corporate Relocation Services

Moving companies provide corporate relocation services that ease the stress that comes with corporate relocation. When a company offers a relocation package or relocation programme to employees, it often covers moving costs, but costs can easily add up. Corporate relocation services help companies by providing one fee to help their employees to relocate. 

If you are an employee, you could run into unexpected relocation expenses (eg. extra luggage charges). You might have to use your funds until your company provides reimbursement. A corporate relocation company gives you a quote for all your moving needs, helping you to accurately budget for your moving expenses.

Benefits Of Movers That Pack For You

There are several advantages of using professional movers during the relocation process. Some benefits of outsourcing corporate relocation include:

  • If you are using several providers for corporate relocation, you will have to check up on each provider and ensure everyone is paid on time. Outsourcing your corporate relocation to one moving company will mean you just need to focus on and pay one company, giving you time to concentrate on your business. 
  • It is more affordable to use one moving company for all your employee moving needs, rather than to hire a separate provider for transportation, packing and storage of their belongings. 
  • A moving company can work within your budget and customise its services to suit your employees.
  • A professional moving company has expert knowledge on packing and transporting fragile items. Employees can be rest assured that their belongings will reach their new home safely. 

Master Movers prioritise a stress-free corporate relocation for companies, employees, and their families. Together with the client, we design a plan to make sure the move stays on schedule, on budget, and is as comfortable for you, your employee, and their family as possible.

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