Employee relocation takes place when a company decides to relocate its best talent to a new location or existing corporate office. The relocation process can be stressful for companies and employees, especially if it’s an international relocation. Luckily we have a guide to employee relocation to help you understand the process and regulations.

History Of Employee Relocation

The first relocation act was founded in 1964 in Chicago. It was today known as the Worldwide ERC®. The act aimed to grow the nation and provide productivity by relocating employees to where they were needed. Relocation policies and immigration grew around the country (and later on worldwide) around the 1970s and 1980s, assisting employers to find the skills they need to grow their workforce.

International Tax Compliance

Relocation comes with local tax implications and international tax compliances. You need to follow the tax implications of the country that your employee is relocating to. Some countries may require their citizens to file tax returns regardless of the new country they live or work in. Contact your local tax office for more information to ensure that you and your employees follow all tax compliances.

Employer Experience With Relocation

Employee relocation is usually handled by Human Resources or an account person that the employer assigns. The person chosen updates relocation policies and packages for the employer. There are other resources available to help reduce any relocation stress on employers, such as third-party resources. For example, a moving company can offer various relocation benefits such as providing employees with relocation service in the form of packing and storage. Movers take care of all employee’s relocation needs and provide employers with an estimate of the fees involved, allowing employers and account departments to accurately calculate and budget for relocation costs.

Master Movers provides relocation services and relocation assistance for employees moving locally or abroad. We work closely with our clients to ensure a well-planned and coordinated move. We are aware of your needs and make sure that your office move causes minimal loss of productivity. 

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