Modular storage is a more economical storage option that offers all the safety and space benefits of traditional storage units while reducing the cost of keeping your furniture and other items safe when downsizing or between premises. Instead of placing your belongings into the usual “garage-type” roller door storage units, flat-pack, preconstructed wooden modules are used. Your belongings are just as safe as they would be with any other storage option, as the modules are held on a secure, access-controlled site. However, the cost of these safe and sturdy units is far lower than brick-and-cement structures. Modular storage is an affordable storage option that will save you money while providing peace of mind.

Why use modular storage?

Modular storage offers savings of both time and money. When loading and unloading your storage module, you can park your vehicle right next to the unit, reducing your carrying and loading time. It is an extremely safe way to store your belongings as the units are secure and protect your things against the elements while still allowing the items being stored to breathe. 

People use modular storage for many reasons. These could include:

  • Decluttering the home.
  • Getting more storage space when your property is starting to get full.
  • If you are in-between homes or offices. 
  • When you are renovating your home.
  • If you are downsizing.
  • As a temporary place to store your belongings if you are working overseas but have not yet made the decision to move permanently.

Modular storage is best suited for:

Modular storage units can be used for domestic or commercial furniture, as well as boxes containing all kinds of items, for both long-term and short-term storage.

Advantages of modular storage

Modular storage options offer several key benefits, including fast loading and unloading, breathability for your items (preventing the growth of mould), security, protection against dust, and great cost savings compared to other storage options. The storage units are also proofed against fishmoths and are regularly fumigate to prevent infestation by borer beetles and other insects.

Disadvantages of modular storage

One catch to keep in mind with modular storage is that access to your items will be restricted. This is for the safety of your belongings, of course, so you would have to schedule your visits and loading/ unloading accordingly. Also, these modules are built to save space, meaning every centimetre is used, so you may have to unpack the unit in order to get to a particular item, and then repack it again, which could take up some time. You can get around this by organising your packing so that things you may need are near the front.

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