There are many things a professional moving company has to consider when taking on a moving job. From arrival and loading of your personal or business items to the safe delivery on the other end, you need to give as much information to your moving company as you can. Here are some things that need to be considered.

How to Secure Access for the Moving Truck 

Moving companies need to have a large area to park their trucks. While you may be able to provide 2-3 car lengths for their truck, there are other things to think about.

  • Neighbours It’s a good idea to notify your neighbours of your moving day. You will need extra parking in front of your home and this may affect them. 
  • Close Access You want to provide the closest parking to your house as possible. This will save time and money for your movers. 

Weight of Truck Limitations in Estates or Gated Communities 

There are regulations for the weight of vehicles in some gated communities that you need to consider. While a posted weight limit of a 3.5 or 8 tonn truck may be allowed, truck sizes vary with these vehicles and need to know what size of truck can accommodate your move. Check with your homeowner’s association for the final loaded truck weight.

Access To and From Suburb or Gated Community 

Make sure you check out access getting to your home. Moving trucks are large and need more space to manoeuvre in traffic. You can map out a route that takes into account intersections and turning radius in and around your community. Also, check for one-way streets and areas to turn around for large vehicles. Overhanging trees can restrict access to your home as well.

Panhandle Driveways and the Moving Logistics Thereof

Panhandle properties are difficult for large vehicles to navigate. They are usually long, narrow driveways that run alongside other properties with the home in the back. You need to make arrangements to have the entire driveway clear of all vehicles and debris to allow a moving truck to safely back up and position itself close to your home.

Long Carry 50 Metres> Shuttle Service Needed? 

When you hire a moving company, they need the closest access to your front door as possible. Most movers have a set distance that they will carry items for no additional charge. There are situations where that isn’t possible and you may be charged a “long carry” fee. They will charge extra for long carries if the carry distance is exceeded or if a smaller truck is needed to bring your household belongings out to the moving truck on the street.

Your move will be much smoother when your moving company knows all these details. Contact Master Movers for your next residential or corporate relocation.