As exciting as it is to move to a new home, the magnitude of it all can seem overwhelming. While there are plenty of relocation hacks and resources online, let’s look at things to avoid on moving day.

Failing to Research your Mover

A professional moving company is the first step to a smooth move. There are, however, many dodgy movers out there who bully you into signing up for services you don’t need.

Prevent an expensive catastrophe by properly researching your residential mover by:

  • Seeking referrals and word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and colleagues.
  • Getting at least three quotes.
  • Checking for proper accreditation.
  • Determining whether the company has a permanent moving crew.
  • Looking for a mover that offers insurance, storage, and other helpful services.
  • Checking their online reviews.

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Packing Heavy Items in Large Boxes

Most professionals have learnt from their mistakes – very often including the underside of a box giving way as the lifted it into the moving truck.

Take a leaf out of their book, and pack heavy items such as books into smaller boxes. Special care and padding is needed to protect fragile items.

You Don’t Budget Correctly

By the time moving day comes along, you may be so exhausted – from packing all your belongings and sticking a label on each box – that you are willing to throw away money just to get the job done. Don’t!

Repeat after me: “Stick to the budget”.

Of course, it is only possible to stay on budget if it was correctly drawn up in the first place:

  • Examine what is included in the estimates you got from residential moving companies – base cost, insurance, and other additional services. Compare that to the (time and financial) cost of doing it yourself – truck hire, fuel, insurance, equipment hire.
  • Work out how much storage will cost. Perhaps that will motivate you that now is the perfect time for a garage sale to purge all unnecessary items!
  • Include the cost of packing supplies, cleaning, care of your kids and/or pets, time off work, and the cost of getting your vehicles to your new abode.

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