No matter if you are moving to a different city or if you found a place to rent next door, moving out can be stressful. The boxes standing around your house, the packing, the realization that you have more stuff to pack than you thought. All these aspects can cause moving to be very stressful. planning a move is almost like planning a wedding these days. A well-designed moving checklist can help organize your “to do’s” during your move. 

1. Change/update your address

Change and update your address to ensure that your bills, subscriptions and other mail are sent to your new address. Also remember to inform your bank, insurance company and any other financial companies so they can update their records.

2. Make sure your new home is insured

Give your insurance company a call to make sure that they cover you during the move and how you’ll be covered in case of loss or damage to your items during the move. You can also ask your moving company if they have insurance. Also get in contact with your insurance company to give them the new address to be insured. 

3. Get pest control in

Even if you can’t see any bugs on the surface, it’s best to fumigate your home before moving in. There is nothing better than moving into a clean pest-free home. 

4. Change the locks on all the doors

This is not a must, but surely it will make you feel safer. If you’re moving into a pre-owned home there might be spare keys that match the locks of your new home. 

5. Draw up an inventory

Make a list of everything that you are moving. Label the boxes according to rooms so that unpacking in your new home will be easy. An inventory will also help you keep track of everything that you have so that you do not misplace anything.

These are just 5 of the items that you can add to your checklist. Here you can download a printable check list template.